Pron: DE-ree-EN-zoh.

Well, my story begins in my ancestral homeland, New Jersey. Being raised by a single mother, it was us two versus the world.

It was on 9/11 I saw her weeping by the TV. Tom Browkaw’s steady voice guided her and the rest of the nation through what had seemed to be the end of the world. Just seven at the time, I saw the vital role journalists have in our civilization, and, well, I caught the bug. I did what anyone in my shoes would –– I began fabricating a news set in my basement, of course. The camera was composed of wooden blocks; desk lamps were the studio lights.

Since then, I’ve been in love.

Throughout elementary school, I did broadcasts in front of my classes every morning. I published a newspaper with the scoops like who got into a fight at recess, and why. In high school, I started working for my hometown radio station’s newsroom, WRNJ. There I got experience covering local school boards, town councils, and land use meetings, often seen slinking about town from assignment to assignment on my BMX bike.

Still, I couldn’t get enough.

I attended Temple University’s Klein School of Media and Communication, studying journalism with a minor in political science. In that time, I landed a gig as a junior reporter for FOX 29’s Good Day Philadelphia.

I also got to cover the 2016 Democratic National Convention for Anchorage, Ak. CBS affiliate KTVA-TV from Philadelphia.

I also had stints as multimedia editor of The Temple News, as an intern at Philadelphia Magazine in addition to working as a freelance video editor.

Right now, I am a parttime airborne reporter for NBC New York, aboard Chopper 4 as I look for a full-time position.

If you want to work together, get in touch.